Metropolis CD-ROM Libraries

Metropolis currently has 49 CD-ROMs full of downloadable files available online at all times. That's over 27 gigabytes of programs, utilities, games, fonts, graphics and more! Drop in today and check it out!


15 CDs, over 10 gigs of everything from A-Z. Programs, utilities, games, BBS files, Windows & Win95 programs and much more!

Swimsuit & Pinup Graphics

10 CDs, over 6 gigs. Say no more... one of our most popular areas!

Fonts, Clipart & General Graphics

Tons of useful fonts, graphic images, and graphics programs.


Complete games for every platform (including Win95!), plus TONS of plugins and files for all the classics!

Programming and OS

Lots of DOS, MacOS, and programmer's programs and utils for the propellerhead in you!