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Farwest Trivia is Metropolis' most popular game of skill. This game draws from a database of 44,000 questions, so that players encounter questions from a wide variety of topics relating to everything from movies to politics. Do you know what film won best picture in 1963, the year Winston Churchill was born, or the name of Tom Hanks' character in the movie "Splash"? In Farwest Trivia, players compete to be the first to correctly answer these and many other questions in an exciting, fast-paced atmosphere!

Players are told how many letters or numbers are in the answer, and are given up to three clues, until someone correctly answers the question. The game keeps track of each player's score, as well as the scores of the all-time champions. Farwest Trivia is the kind of game you can jump into and start enjoying right away. It's very easy to learn, and yet constantly challenges your knowledge and memory!