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Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

This AIN'T DOS LORD, it's better. This is Tournament LORD for the MajorBBS! It can support up to 400 players in one game! It contains new stuff, including a place in the Inn to chat with other warriors and settle arguments the old-fashioned way - by severing heads.


* Simple, but engaging gameplay. The game revolves around socializing, decision-making, and some random events to keep things interesting. No quick reflexes or fast-typing skills are required.

* You may send Romantic Mail ONCE a day. Just write mail within the game to your conquest to see the Romantic Mail prompt - the (P)ropose option will show up if you have 30+ charm (Marrying the Tavern Wench or the Bard is also possible, but takes even MORE charm!).

* Player vs. player fights.

* You can use "special skills" against monsters and other players that are a HIGHER level than you. (Exception: online fighting in the Jabber Room only allows these "special skills" to be used against people the SAME level or higher)

* If you purchase a room at the Inn, you get it the whole day - even if you leave and come back, you don't have to pay again!

* Marriages between players (and between players and NPCs).

* Be yourself. There are hundreds of ways to interact in the this world, so use 'em. Kill somebody, then write 'em mail to gloat. It's fun!