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BBS Systems

Metropolis features three great BBS Systems (Clubmet, Masterpiece and Garbage Dump) with online chat with people from all over the world, friendly forums on a huge variety of topics, tons of CD-ROMs and much, much more!




Let your voice be heard! ClubMet is the ultimate 24-hour chat service. The Metropolis Clubmet community is a large, dynamic group of people from around the country with a broad spectrum of interests. People gather from all over the globe to discuss just about anything you can imagine. Access ClubMet Chat and build new friendships, plan parties, or even find romance. Click here to learn more about Clubmet from our informational website. Or click here to Telnet directly into the BBS.




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So, you think you know it all? Well, here's a chance to humiliate yourself and find out what it really means to pursue trivia! Masterpiece BBS features Farwest Trivia, drawing from a database of more than 44,000 questions. Farwest Trivia is an exciting, fast-paced atmosphere where players compete to be the first to correctly answer questions. Click here to Telnet into the biggest mind-rush around.



Garbage Dump

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The Garbage Dump is one of the largest online services in the world! We have over 16,000 subscribers and support for 170+ simultaneous users via TELNET. You must be at least 18 years old to access the Garbage Dump with its free-flowing Adult Chat and Matchmaker Dating. Click here to Telnet into this smokin' BBS now!