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You have the world's greatest website. You're ready for the world to see it. You've listed it on the search engines and directories, but you are still not experiencing the traffic you expected.

Let us help you get the targeted advertising your site needs. You can choose from a variety of web sites on which to place your advertising because Metropolis is an e-commerce company that creates and maintains entertainment-based services, including several BBSes, online games and web sites. We have a site that meets your advertising needs.

The web sites, games and BBSes of Metropolis Entertainment have received numerous awards and have been mentioned extensively in the press, including National Public Radio, the Associated Press, the Denver Post, the Detroit Free Press, MTV, and more.

Through our own experience on the web since 1994, we know how to get you that traffic. You will be matched to other sites complimentary to yours (similiar demographics, style, etc), at no cost to you. If you have banner space available on your site, you should be taking full advantage of it through reciprocal banner exchanges.

If you are interested in building your traffic, please send us your name, contact information, and URL.


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