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WELCOME TO METROPOLIS ENTERTAINMENT! Metropolis delivers music, entertainment and gaming in a thriving online community. Metropolis' fast-growing, dynamic network of web sites includes the internet's largest '80s nostalgia site, more than 30 online action, science fiction and trivia games, four channels of commercial-free streaming music, the information-rich MegaLibrary and the Music Fan Clubs supersite featuring more than 80 music artists.

The 80s Server

‘ - The ‘80s Server is the largest web community dedicated to preserving ‘80s pop culture providing the best ‘80s games, music and information on the net since 1995. | 80s Site
Game Port

Gameport - your worldwide fun and game source featuring all the hottest games for your pc and online community, with a great selection and superb customer service. | Gameport

Metropolis Forums - a lively Reality TV fan community with the latest news, announcements, message boards, contests, polls, links, live chat and more. |
Worst of The Web

Worst of the Web - Chip, Melvin, and Buzz brilliant wit poke fun at websites that are awful and award winners with a “Worst of the Web Busted Trophy” icon. Updated daily. | WOTW
Online Music Store

MacroMusic - the coolest online music store for your favorite movies and music titles with the best inventories of CD’s, cassette, DVD and VHS. | CD Store
Music Fan Clubs

Music Fan Clubs - the premier site for music enthusiasts offering streaming music, latest news pictures, downloads, games, and chat forums from The BEST music fan sites on the web. | Fan Sites

MajorMUD - Realm of Legends - the most popular, heroic text-based fantasy adventure game battling dragons and thieves and setting out on dangerous quests. | Major Mud

Space Pirate - a fast paced online interactive Space Game where the rebellion "Space Pirates" risk the wrath of the "tax collector" of the galaxy controlled Galactic Empire. |

Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.) - seek adventure, fame, honor and be the first to slay the legendary Red Dragon on your voyage through the Town Square. |

Metropolis BBS Online Community - the ultimate 24-hour chat and game community where you can make new friends, play games, access huge file libraries or find romance with our dating services. |
Mega Library

Mega Library - If it happened, it's here. The Web's Best Historical Reference Site with information gathered from the past five decades, organized into a massive cross-referenced database. | MegaLibrary



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